between instinct and reason.

about me!

♡ kuri | 24 | bi | she/her
♡ taurus (sun), libra (moon)

#1 mukuro ikusaba fan

all of my ramblings, daily life, lovemail, picspam, and everything in between in one twitter. i love mukuro ikusaba! she is the world to me. i'm also an avid player of starlight stage, neopets, princess connect, and otome/visual novels. i also love merch and collecting! ♡♡

don't follow me if:

✗ you're homophobic/transphobic/racist, or other usual don't follow criteria.

✗ you claim to be kin of mukuro ikusaba.

✗ you ship despaircest. (yes, even still in 2020.)

✗ you dislike my favorite characters, series, ships, etc. and are vocal about it. i don't care to hear it.

✗ you don't intend to ever interact with me. i'm on twitter to make friends, not to be another follower number!

✗ you're a minor. my content is almost always SFW, but i don't wish to interact with kids online.

other things

▸ i stay locked most of the time, but i'm okay with follow requests on twitter! if i decline, please don't request again or i will block you.

▸ i'm not likely to follow back if there is no info on your profile! i always read profiles/links.

▸ unfollows are OK! please softblock when unfollowing, as i do the same.

▸ please don't take my pictures and repost them anywhere, or i will dmca your ass. i'm not nice about theft of my content. i'm not an art source!! this is a personal twitter. my commissioned artworks and my merchandise collection are very personal and important to me. please respect that.

main interests

♡♡ danganronpa (the first game!)
♡♡ [email protected]: cinderella girls
♡ merchandise collecting

other interests

♡ writing & rp
♡ tarot, astrology, divination
♡ neopets
♡ naruto
♡ persona
♡ drakenier
♡ final fantasy
♡ pokemon
♡ psycho-pass
♡ princess connect
♡ otome games
♡ visual novels

favorite charas!


♡ ryouko (dr)
♡ togami (dr)
♡ kanade (cg)
♡ kaede (cg)
♡ mayu (cg)
♡ cardia (c:r)
♡ kakashi (nrt)
♡ paine (ffx-2)
♡ akane (psypass)
♡ hakuryuu (magi)
♡ sakura (fate)
♡ illyasviel (fate)


a short summary of what i know:

♡ i was mukuro ikusaba in another life - not the very same iteration from canon, but i was her in a world without despair. i believe in reincarnation, and consider myself spiritual kin. she is the only individual i consider myself kin of.
♡ i have known i'm kin of mukuro for the last three or four years now, although i believe the connection was rather instantaneous even if i did not think much of it as just 'a mukuro fan.' for a long time my intense feelings didn't feel understood by a lot of people and only more recently the last few years have i been able to fully explore the depth of this and understand it more!
♡ i won't mention junko much (in kin context) because even without despair, junko is an awful little sister and still is very mentally unstable. i love ryouko very very very much!!! she is (to quote ren) my dream sister, the little sister i never had and wish to dote on.
♡ i really do believe in my other life and self and i am very dedicated to mukuro, i do my hair and makeup to have a physical resemblance and i also aspire to own everything i can with her on it! she is the reason i am alive and i want to honor and respect mukuro while also connecting to my other self, buying merchandise and getting commissioned artwork is very important to me and is my biggest hobby!

♡ i don't like sexuality or gender headcanons about mukuro (from the general fandom). mukuro is bisexual and did not (and does not) date anybody from canon; the gender part is rather complex, but feel free to ask me about it! i don't have any mukuro ships with anybody from hope's peak, as well.
♡ i don't regard dr3 anime as canon in any way and i especially don't want it connected in any way to my kinship.